Designing Your Home

Continental offers three options for clients to consider when designing your home.

Option 1 - Choose an Existing Plan

Over the years, we have amassed a portfolio of over 300 house plans that are available for you to build (as-is) right away. The best part is that these plans are free when you build with us.

Option 2 - Modify a Plan

 If one of our plans is close to what your dream home consists of, you can make minor changes very easily. This would include, but not limited to, a new layout for the kitchen, changing the layout of the master bathroom, adding a garage space or transforming the front elevation. If this is the path you choose, you will only be charged hourly, based on the amount of time it takes our draftsman. It is a great way to save thousands of dollars.

Option 3 - Create a Custom Plan

Custom design specifically for your lot, vision, or dreams. This design process is personally listening to client’s needs and ideas, to develop and present designs and to discuss these designs with clients to develop them even further. We take pride in presenting a design that exceeds the client’s expectations.

Through any of the three design processes we are upfront about our design and building costs, to develop a project around the amount that you are looking to spend. Give us a call! (559) 299-1036